AWD Trays: Pop of Color + Joy + Function

AWD Trays: Pop of Color + Joy + Function

AWD trays are versatile and functional pieces of decor that can add a pop of color and some joy to any room!

Over at AWD, we love a good party (yes, we say that often, but only because it's true)!  We love using both our Billie and Maren Trays when entertaining guests.  The Billie Tray is the perfect size for a cheese or charcuterie board, and as an added bonus as your guests enjoy their appetizers they will slowly get to peek at some cute animals (Oh hey there, giraffe!).  We think the Maren Tray is perfect for serving cocktails.  Want to serve several glasses of champagne to your guests?  The Maren Tray is at your service.  


You may have seen this on our feed, but in case you missed it, check out how Alexandra uses the Maren Tray in her home.  Strategically placing the tray over her outlet hides unattractive cords and adds a pop of color to her kitchen!  We think it's brilliant!

Okay, and have you thought about using the Billie Trays as a catchall tray?  Put it on a console near the front door and have a place to toss your keys and sunglasses.  


We also love using either tray on a bar to corral your liquors or cocktail glasses.  

We have said this before and we will say it again.  The Billie Tray in a nursery would be adorable.  Do you have creams, pacifiers, and other objects that are constantly needed but just don't have a place?  The Billie Tray provides organization without sacrificing the aesthetic.  It is truly the perfect gift for a mom-to-be.


Shop Alexandra Williams Trays now! Cheers! 

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