Hostess Gift Ideas

Hostess Gift Ideas

"A gift is a lovely way to thank your host for their hospitality."  - Emily Post

Of course I had to consult Emily Post when writing this article.  I love a good hostess gift!  Emily is right- what better way to say thank you than a thoughtful gift.  In preparation for my Spring '22 launch I thought a lot about what kind of hostess gifts I would like to be giving.  There are the usual hostess gifts - flowers, candles, chocolates- but I wanted my hostess gifts to be thoughtful, unique, and beautiful.  Here are some of my favorite hostess gifts to give:

Yes, a bottle of wine or champagne is a perfectly good hostess gift, but  by adding a tea towel and a bow you have a beautiful gift that truly shows your gratitude.  Selecting a tea towel and bow color that reminds you of your host is an extra level of thoughtfulness that your host will appreciate.  

Invited for cocktails and dinner? Pair a bottle of Casa Amigos Tequila and these coasters and "voila!" the perfect hostess gift!  

And last but not least, my absolute favorite hostess gift!  This gift is perfect when you've been invited to stay at a friend's lake house, or to spend the day on a friend's boat.  


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