Meet Our Prints

Meet Our Prints

2022 Designs

For our Spring Collection we selected names of women that we thought best represented each of our prints.  Why you ask?  Well the main reason is because it sounded fun and we like to have fun at AWD.  Who doesn't?  Women's names because Alexandra Williams Design is a female-owned and female-operated business.   Each season we hope to release a new collection and with that collection a new theme and unique names for each of our prints.  Are you excited? Because we are!


Maren or "Star of the Sea" is this beauty's name.  If you don't know this already, Alexandra has a love for all things nautical.   Her childhood summers were spent at camp in Wisconsin, learning to sail, among many other activities! As an adult she enjoys her summers on the water at her family home in Michigan.  We love our Maren print and we think it would look fabulous on the walls of a powder room or adorning a set of coasters on your coffee table.  We also chose this print as our silk scarf print for this season because, well, this print is everything.  Okay, yes, we are over here gushing over Maren.



Tequila + Soda Water + Lime = Ranch Water. Add a few slices of jalapeño and you have yourself a Spicy Ranch Water aka the AWD Cocktail of the Season!  This delicious cocktail first became popular in the great state of Texas and so the name Austin just made sense.  We love Austin, Texas just about as much as we love this print!  Alexandra's playful yet classy style is represented well in her Austin Print.  We like the idea of this being used as wrapping paper for a birthday party or college graduation.  We also love this print on our reusable paper coasters. 



When you think of a lady named Billie do you think of a totally cool and adventurous woman who travels the world looking for fun?  We named our safari print Billie because this print is bold, it's adventurous, and it's fun.  We love envisioning our prints in your homes.  We could see this print as an accent wall in a child's nursery.  Yes, we have peel and stick so that when your child is ready for a different AWD design the removal is clean and easy.  




Have you ever seen Portugal's beautiful azulejo tiles? A photo of these tiles was inspiration for our Maria print.  Over AWD we debated names for this print. We went back and forth searching for a classy, strong name with some history.  We decided to research important women of Portugal.  And that is when we came across Maria I, the first undisputed Queen of Portugal.  Doesn't this print evoke royalty vibes? We sure think so.  We like this print as wallpaper, on a cell phone cover and as wrapping paper.  We like it so much that we made a second, simpler version - Simple Maria.  


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