Styling the AWD Silk Scarf

Styling the AWD Silk Scarf

As the release of our Summer Capsule (and with it a new silk scarf- yay!) draws near, we want to share with you some ways to style our AWD Silk Scarves. 

We think the AWD Scarf can be worn an infinite number of ways so here are just a few options. 

The first way, and one of our favorites, is tied in the hair (looks best with a cute baby in your lap!).  We love this look when you want to tie your hair back but add some flare.  

Next up is an over the shoulders look.  This style is super cute paired with jeans and a cardigan.  Looking to dress up your brunch attire- look no further!

How about on the handle of your favorite summer purse? 

Or as a belt on a simple navy dress?

With the AWD Silk Scarf, you really can't go wrong.  Shop AWD Silk Scarves today!!

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