The Cocktail Collection

The Cocktail Collection

The Cocktail Collection
Here at AWD we love to entertain, we love to chat with friends over a cocktail and we love a signature drink! So we thought it would be fun to introduce a signature drink along with our seasonal collections!

To find painting inspiration, I was sitting at my desk making a list of things that bring me joy.  One of the first things that came to mind was an ice cold Ranch Water on a sunny day.  It's a simple drink with just tequila, Topo Chico soda water and lime. So I thought, how cute would the ingredients be on a tea towel and coasters, that you can then gift to a friend with the ingredients! And voila, the "Austin Print" in our collection was born. 

After painting this print I was so excited by it that another idea struck... the cocktail collection! I'd been brainstorming ideas of ways to bring more of the AWD brand to life and this seemed like the perfect start. 

To kick us off, the Spicy Ranch Water! A little twist on the classic.

  • To start, rim your glass with Red Clay Spicy Margarita Salt. Then fill your glass to the top with ice. 
  • Now add 2 ounces of Tequila, Casamigos is my preference but any will do! Followed by Topo Chico soda water. Fill all the way up! It's important to use Topo Chico because it is SO bubbly! 
  • Squeeze in an entire lime.
  • Now the fun part, shake as much Red Clay Habanero Hot Sauce in as you like! We like to go heavy! We even add in a few jalapeños too! 
  • Use a spoon to give it all a good stir, careful not to ruin your salted rim, and garnish with a lime and more sliced jalapeños if you'd like! 


 Ranch Water


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